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My Journey: Week 3 of 48-Hour Fasting - The Pros and Cons, Plus the Power of Herbal Teas

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Title: My Journey: Week 3 of 48-Hour Fasting - The Pros and Cons, Plus the Power of Herbal Teas


Welcome back to my 48-hour fasting journey! It's been three weeks since I embarked on this challenging but rewarding fasting regimen. In this week's update, I want to share with you the three major positive changes I've experienced: weight loss, improved focus, and increased energy. Additionally, I'll discuss the significant benefits I've gained from incorporating herbal teas into my fasting routine. As an exciting development, I'm introducing the parasite cleanse tea this week.

Loose weight 48 hours fast measuring waist with tape measure
Loose weight 48 hours fast

Positive Change #1: Weight Loss

One of the most noticeable benefits of my 48-hour fasting routine has been consistent weight loss. While the primary goal of fasting isn't solely shedding pounds, it's a natural outcome of consuming fewer calories over an extended period. During these three weeks, I've seen a steady decline in my weight, which is encouraging and motivating. It's essential to mention that fasting should be approached with health and well-being in mind rather than just for weight loss, but the scale doesn't lie, and the results have been evident.

Positive Change #2: Enhanced Focus

Another remarkable change I've experienced is a significant improvement in my ability to focus. It's almost as if fasting has cleared the mental fog that sometimes clouds my mind. During the fasting period, I find it easier to concentrate on tasks, stay alert, and tackle challenges head-on. This increased mental clarity has made me more productive, which is a substantial advantage in my daily life.

Lady running while benefiting from 48 hour fast
Increased energy levels

Positive Change #3: Increased Energy

Surprisingly, I've discovered that fasting has led to an increase in my energy levels. On the first day of fasting, I experience a burst of energy that persists throughout the day. Although my energy does dip on the second day, it's manageable and doesn't interfere significantly with my daily activities. This newfound energy has made me more active and motivated to engage in physical activities.

Sorrel delight herbal Tea blend to make  Mocktails with pomegranate hibiscus and lemon
Herbal Tea Detox sorrel delight by Tea By Tee

The Power of Herbal Teas:

Throughout my fasting journey, herbal teas have played a crucial role in enhancing the experience. Here are some ways they've benefited me:

Drink lots of water while fasting
Stay Hydrated

1. **Hydration:** Staying well-hydrated is essential during fasting, and herbal teas provide a flavorful and calorie-free way to do so. Sipping on herbal teas helps maintain proper hydration levels, which is vital for overall well-being.

2. **Appetite Suppression:** Certain herbal teas, like green tea and ginger tea, have natural appetite-suppressing properties. They have helped me curb hunger pangs, especially on the second day of fasting when cravings tend to be more intense.

3. **Digestive Aid:** Herbal teas like peppermint and chamomile have assisted in soothing my digestive system during fasting periods. They can alleviate digestive discomfort and bloating, making the fasting experience more comfortable.

Blend of herbs that help cleanse the body of parasites and promote 48 hour fast
Parasite Cleanse Tea by Tea by Tee

Introducing the Parasite Cleanse Tea:

As I progress in my fasting journey, I'm excited to introduce a new addition to my herbal tea repertoire – the parasite cleanse tea. This tea is designed to support a healthy gut and aid in eliminating harmful parasites from the digestive tract. I've heard great things about its potential benefits, and I'm eager to see how it complements my fasting routine.


Week 3 of my 48-hour fasting journey has brought about notable positive changes in terms of weight loss, improved focus, and increased energy. These benefits, combined with the power of herbal teas, have made the fasting experience even more rewarding. As I introduce the parasite cleanse tea this week, I look forward to exploring its potential benefits and sharing my experiences in the coming updates. Stay tuned for more insights into my fasting journey and the role of herbal teas in achieving my wellness goals.

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