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Victorian sweet jars filled with teepow cosmetics butter up and chill body butter _edited.


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"Unlock Beauty's Potential with TeePow Cosmetics"

Welcome to our TeePow Cosmetics Stockist Page!
This page serves as a hub for both our current stockists and potential partners interested in collaborating with TeePow Cosmetics. Here, you'll find a comprehensive list of our esteemed stockists who have already embraced our brand and are proudly offering our exceptional products to their customers.
For Potential Stockists: If you're considering becoming a stockist of TeePow Cosmetics, you're in the right place! We invite you to explore the endless possibilities of partnering with us. TeePow Cosmetics is dedicated to fostering strong and mutually beneficial relationships with businesses like yours.
As a potential stockist, you'll discover a world of collaborative opportunities with TeePow Cosmetics. We offer a diverse range of high-quality and innovative beauty products that are sure to captivate your target market. By aligning with our brand, you'll be able to enhance your product offerings, attract new customers, and differentiate yourself in the competitive beauty industry.
To learn more about the collaboration opportunities with TeePow Cosmetics, simply reach out to us through the contact information provided on this page. Our dedicated team will be delighted to discuss how we can work together to achieve our shared goals.
For Current Stockists: We extend our heartfelt appreciation to our existing stockists who have partnered with us on this exciting journey. Your support and commitment are instrumental in spreading the TeePow Cosmetics experience far and wide.
On this page, you'll find a detailed list of our current stockists, each one a valued member of the TeePow Cosmetics family. By clicking on their respective links, you can explore their unique offerings and discover where TeePow Cosmetics products are available near you.
If you're a current stockist and would like to update your information or share your success story, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're eager to feature your business prominently on our website and across our marketing channels, showcasing the fruitful collaboration we have achieved.
Whether you're a potential stockist eager to join our network or a current stockist seeking to explore new opportunities, we welcome you to the TeePow Cosmetics Stockist Page. Together, let's revolutionize the beauty industry and create a thriving community of beauty enthusiasts. Contact us today to begin your TeePow Cosmetics journey.

Our Stockists: Clients
Rag and Bone Sheffield stockist _edited


Welcome to Rag'n Bone Sheffield, a vibrant social enterprise located in Sheffield, UK. Rag'n Bone Sheffield is a renowned stockist that specializes in curating collectables, vintage products, and unique handmade items. With a passion for sourcing high-quality and distinctive products, the dedicated team at Rag'n Bone Sheffield ensures an exceptional shopping experience for all visitors.

Beyond being a mere shop,

Rag'n Bone Sheffield serves as a thriving community hub. Alongside their impressive selection of merchandise, they host live music events that showcase the incredible talent found in the local area. Visitors can immerse themselves in captivating melodies and rhythms while exploring the diverse range of offerings.

For those seeking a night of relaxation and rejuvenation, Rag'n Bone Sheffield also offers Sprirulits nights. These events provide a serene atmosphere where guests can unwind and revitalize their senses. With carefully selected treatments and a tranquil ambiance, Sprirulits nights are designed to leave visitors feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Conveniently situated at Stone Masons Yard, Weedon St, Sheffield S9 2FT, Rag'n Bone Sheffield eagerly awaits the arrival of each customer. The shop invites everyone to discover a world of timeless treasures, handcrafted delights, and unforgettable experiences.

By supporting local artisans and indulging in thoughtfully sourced products, visitors can join Rag'n Bone

Sheffield in their mission to uplift the community and appreciate the beauty of unique items.

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Our Stockists: Projects
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