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How to use emulsified Sugar Scrub on sensitive skin

How to use an emulsified sugar scrub

Okay so i thought I would share some tips on how to get the best out of our emulsified sugar scrubs; I bet some of you are thinking what the hell is a Emulsified sugar scrub ?????. well that's a whole other blog; however i can say, an emulsified sugar scrub is a sugar scrub enhanced with emulsifying wax and specifically in TeePow cosmetics plant derived feel enhancers that hep create a creamy lotion when it comes into contact with water.

What is the best way of applying Emulsified sugar scrub ?

One of the recognised uses methods of application is grabbing a hand full of scrub while in the bath, rubbing into the skin and washing off, this is a wildly used method and if I honest there nothing wrong with it; at all. My only concerns is you may not be getting the full benefits out of your emulsified product.

The benefit of using an emulsified scrub is duel action Gem providing the robust exfoliation coupled with intense motorising and hydration, I often wonder why primitive sugar scrubs are still available when emulsified sugar scrubs are versatile.

Okay so the best way to apply this amazing emulation all depends on where you're applying it. Our Emulsi sugar scrub range can be applied to both face and body meaning how you apply can make a huge difference.

Lets talk about the face!

I have a combination skin an its quite hardy, it can take a hard scrubbing so i like to apply to damp skin and massage in a circular motion until the sugar has dissolved into a lotion, leave for 10-20 mins and rinse. This application helps because it provides deep exfoliation removing the dead skin sells and clearing pours quickly this is also the best method to used on the body.

For those who has highly sensitive skin this is not the best method especially for the face...... for 2 reasons

1, sugar can be quite abrasive when applied directly to skin, if your skin is sensitive this could cause the skin to tear or rash when exfoliating

2. The is a risk of developing red marks or blotches on your face showing the area where you rubbed too hard. Though this is not a long lasting its doesn't look very pleasant.

The best way to apply to a sensitive face would be to decant a spoon full of the the sugar scrub into a small bowl, add a spoon full of water and mix until the sugar has either partially dissolved or completely dissolved if that's your preference! it should resemble a thick creamy consistency. Now use a applicator brush to apply the face - There is likely to be sugar left over you can gently massage this into the face and leave until dry just like you would a mask then wash off.

i have prepared a video of this application process available on our YouTube channel

Thanks for reading love and natural beauty to you All

Blog written by Tamara fauvel creator of TeePow cosmetics..

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